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29th PTS Coating Symposium 2019

Upgraded – Smart – Bio

Lecture programme 2017

Products for the future: Coated – Upgraded – Smart


Prof. Dr. Frank Miletzky, PTS
Prof. Dr. Frank Miletzky, PTS
Ralf Gericke, PTS
Ralf Gericke, PTS

Programme committee

Uwe Aigner, AGRANA
Prof. Dr. W. Bauer, TU Graz
Prof. Dr. M. Biesalski, TU Darmstadt
T. Kraschitzer, Mayr-Melnhof Karton
Prof. M. Toivakka, Åbo

Download of abstracts

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Markets and strategies in change

09.30Welcome and programme overview
Frank Miletzky, Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS)
10.00 KEYNOTE: Barrier coating of paper and board – what are the future challenges and opportunities
Leif Frilund, Walki Group
10.30Exhibitors in brief
10.45Coffee break
11.15Folding boxboard – packaging material of the future
Roland Rex, Weig Karton
11.45Markets in Transition: Big Picture Market Contexts in Coated Papers and Coated Packaging and the Role of Industry 4.0
Alexander Wirth, StepChange Consulting
12.15Lunch break

Components & concepts for coating colour formulation

16.30Influence of the processing conditions of PVOH coatings to achieve high oxygen barrier on paper
Shu-Hsien Li, Kuraray
17.00Oxygen permeability and economic-environmental impact studies of some polyvinyl alcohol dispersion barrier coatings for packaging applications
Magnus Lestelius, Karlstad University
17.30Development of new fluorocarbon-free oil and grease resistant barrier coatings for paper and paperboard
Kaitlin Rosen, DOW

Ligthening juggling and video art
Christoph Rummel

18.45 Cocktail reception at the exhibition area
19.15Dinner at the restaurant
The evening event with buffet and artistic social programme will offer best possibilities for networking.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Components & Concepts for coating colour formulation

Innovative Products

14.15Use of chromatogeny for the development of barrier and release papers
Philippe Martinez, CTP
14.45Aqueous coating formulations for cupstock to make recyclable hot drink cups
Dirk Stanssens, Topchim
15.15Exhibitors in brief
15.30Coffee break
16.00Towards an improved surface sizing - A study of the interaction between recycled linerboard base paper and surface sizing agent
Kai Dahlskog, Chemec
16.30High Barrier cellulose-based packaging for Li_ion pouch cell
Laura Crowther-Alwyn, CTP
Lectures will be given in German or English, each will be simultaneously translated into the other language.