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29th PTS Coating Symposium 2019

Upgraded – Smart – Bio

The international meeting point for surface upgrading

Under the motto "upgraded - smart - bio" the renowned and traditional 29th PTS Coating Symposium 2019 will take place at the Leonardo Royal Hotel in Munich on 03 - 04 September 2019. The symposium is the largest and most important international meeting place for the paper and board surface finishing industry with 250 to 350 participants in recent years.

The upcoming PTS Coating Symposium 2019 will cover a wide range of topics and aims to "open the eyes of participants" to the opportunities that lie ahead. For exhibitors, this platform also offers satisfactory conditions. More than 30% of the participants come from paper mills, so that the short lectures in the lecture programme are very well received and meet with interest.

Participants' Voices & Impressions from 2017:

"I am happy to see that the latest development needs and trends of our industry are well reflected in the program of this year’s Coating Symposium. This shows that PTS continues to have a good grasp on what is going on both in academic and industrial research and development."
L. Frilund – Walki Group

"The paper industry in general is facing challenges but the PTS coating symposium continues to stand out as the leading industry event to present new initiatives that reach key decision makers. The level of response to our participation and presentation truly surpassed our expectations."
P. Greenall – EcoSynthetix

"The symposium provided good opportunities for networking. It was very interesting to learn about how the driving force of sustainability impacted R&D strategies, projects and products of companies in the forest industry/ bioeconomy sector."
Prof. M. Lestelius – Karlstad University

"This symposium is well attended by representatives of paper mills, suppliers and manufacturers of paper equipment. It is a place, where you can upgrade your knowledge on coatings and find new contacts. The presented topics at the PTS Coating symposium are related to our activities that we perform in the program."
J.J. Grkman – Pulp and Paper Institute Ljubljana

"The best with PTS Coating Symposium is the access to professionals working in the field of coating, which is fantastic for networking with the right people. You get a good overview of the actual and interesting topics that the industry is exploring at the moment, which gives a good base for making your own priorities. The knowledge level in the industry is presented in a very efficient way and the environment at the Conference is very enjoyable."
P. Emilsson – UMV Coating Systems AB

"The PTS Coating Symposium remains an excellent opportunity for networking and a possibility to get a feel for what is going on in our industry."
R. Carlsson – Stora Enso

Impressions of the 28th PTS Striking Symposium 2017

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