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29th PTS Coating Symposium 2019

Upgraded – Smart – Bio

upgraded - smart - bio

Lecture programme 2019


Prof. Dr. Frank Miletzky

Prof. Dr. Frank Miletzky
+49 3529 551 705
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Dr. Marcel Haft

Dr. Marcel Haft
+49 3529 551 661
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Programme committee

Prof. Dr. M. Biesalski, TU Darmstadt

Prof.Dr. Markus Biesalski
TU Darmstadt

Dr. Roland Pelzer, Dow Deutschland Anlagengesellschaft mbH

Dr. Roland Pelzer
Dow Deutschland Anlagengesellschaft mbH

Dr. Thomas Ferge, DS Smith

Dr. Thomas Ferge
DS Smith

Tuesday, 03 September 2019

08.30Registration and Coffee
09.30 Welcome and Introduction
Prof. Dr. Frank Miletzky & Dr. Marcel Haft, Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS)


09.45Key Note: Changing markets. Strategies to secure the future.
Arne Kant, Pöyry Management Consulting GmbH
10.15Key Note: Bioeconomy - a necessary change in the economy as an opportunity?
Dr. Andreas Schütte, Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V.
10.45Exhibition short presentations
11.00Coffee Break

Process innovations

11.30Multilayer Curtain Coating - Back to the future!
Giona Kilcher, Trinseo Europe GmbH
12.00Multilayer Curtain Coating - Concept for a perfect contour coating
Maick Nielsen, TSE Troller AG & Stefanie Hehl, Gebr. Bellmer GmbH
12.30Influencing parameters on starch efficiency at a film press for packaging papers
Dr. Michael Dörmann, J.M. Voith SE & Co. KG

Lunch break with exhibition


Precise and easy determination of silicon application on coated paper by means of XRF
Dr. Julia Tyrach, Rycobel Group

14.45Coating color forensics: Interlinking sensor data for more accurate balancing
DI Stefan Divjak, GAW Technologies GmbH
15.15Innovative barriers for flexible packaging
Laura Crowther-Alwyn, CTP Centre Technique du Papier
15.45Exhibition short presentations
16.00Coffee Break

Product innovations

16.30The way towards a sustainable packaging
Peter Desilets, Pacoon AG

Applications of natural materials in the barrier coating of packaging papers
Dr. Samir Kopacic, TU Graz

17.30Summary Day 1
Prof. Dr. Frank Miletzky & Dr. Marcel Haft, Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS)
17.45End of scientific program day 1
19.00Evening event

Wednesday, 04 September 2019

09.00Beginning of Day 2                                                                           

Product innovations

09.00Key Note: Paper Circle - A chance fpr sustainable innovation
Eveline Lemke, Thinking Circular
09.30Influence of pretreatments on pigment coating of foam formed stuctures
Hanna Koskela & Ulla Forsström, VTT Technical Centre of Finland
10.00Advances in printed electronics applications at paper
Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Martins, Uni Lisbon
10.30Exhibition short presentations
10.45Coffee Break
11.15Cupstock coated with multilayer WBBC's process & product performance
Tom Larsson & Per Emilsson, UMV Coating Systems AB
11.45The fluorescence microscopy toolkit in investigations of paper: High-speed, super-resolution and 3D imaging
Dr. Tobias Meckel, TU Darmstadt
12.15Functional barrier coating for paper board
Dr. Markus Kleebauer, Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS)
12.45Lunch break with exhibition

Ressource innovations

14.00Novel Film building polysaccharides for barrier applications
Dr. Natnael Behabtu, Dupont
14.30New water-based barrier coatings
Yannick Vercammen, Solenis International, L.P.
15.00Exhibition short presentations
15.15Coffee break
15.45Starch in coating applications, the end of the road or the continuation of a success story
Juha Koponen, Cargill CSST Europe
16.15bioORMOCER®e - High performance biodegradbale functional coating for innovative packaging solutions
Dr. Sabine Amberg-Schwab, Fraunhofer Institut für Silicatforschung

Summary Day 2
Prof. Dr. Frank Miletzky & Dr. Marcel Haft, Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS)

17.00End of Program